Wanna Go To The Dance?

by Becky on March 31, 2012

in Fun, Traditions

When my son invited a friend to a formal dance recently, he decided to put some creativity into the gesture. Knowing that his date-to-be played the ukulele, he wrote out the invitation . . . in tablature, on a musical staff! If you looked up close, it seemed like all you saw were tiny numbers arranged in a pattern on the staff. But if you stepped back a ways, you realized that the pattern signified a word—the name of the dance, followed by a question mark.

He rolled up this musical “message,” stuck it in her ukulele, and waited. Turns out things played out exactly as he hoped they would: when his friend picked up her instrument that night to play it, she heard something rolling around inside. Curious, she investigated, dumped out the goods, and declared the invitation “brilliant.” She later sent an answer by way of cupcake, with a single word scrolled in frosting on the top: “Yes.”

So many ways to get creative! What have your teens done? Let me know!

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