Big Score at the Consignment Store

by Becky on April 2, 2012 · 1 comment

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Crossroads Trading Co. is one of our favorite consignment stores. The folks there are pretty picky about what they accept on consignment. As a result, the pickings are pretty darn good.

Evidence: last Friday, I scored a pair of J Brand skinny jeans for my daughter. Brick red and in perfect condition, they cost just over forty bucks. Originally, I’m fairly certain they would have been at least $150. If you doubt me, go to the J Brand website and peruse the offerings. And the dark purple (eggplant, to be specific) Quicksilver jeans I got her were half off because they’d sat on the rack for a while, which meant they rang up at a whopping $7.50. She bought herself several tops, and we went halves on a couple of sweaters, both of them brands sold at the Anthropologie store down the road. But the best thing: the colorfully happy Emilio Pucci rainboots, probably a couple hundred originally (at least), marked at sixty-five at Crossroads, then half off that. Now the thing is, my daughter loves rainboots. Loves them! And this particular pair . . . I mean—Pucci!? Bring on the clouds!

Where do you get your deals? Fill me in.

Jen Piatt May 28, 2012 at 3:58 am

I don’t think I have bought anything new in the last year for my daughter (or me). Some of the best compliments I receive on my outfits at work have come from a consignment store, or Goodwill. Living in a swanky midwestern college town lends itself to some great finds at the thrift store. Did you know that thrift stores have not seen this much business since the Great Depression? It love that fact that we have all returned to the philosophy of using our resources. There are several different benefits of turning to the thrift stores in your neighborhood.
1. You save a ton of money on brandname clothes. Several times I have found items with the tags still on – and in some towns (ours included) Target drops off all of their overstock – we were able to pick up a new bike for our daughter for $20 – priced at $70 new – AND the kind workers at Goodwill had put it together for us – my husband was soo excited.
2. It teaches the value of the dollar – and reducing consumerism. I love that when my daughter receives a compliment on a new outfit or toy, she replies, “Thank you. I found it at Goodwill.” – In fact last week when she said this to the woman at the grocery store, the woman looked at me and said, “You are rasing her right.”. I. of course, was beaming….
3. It provides jobs for individuals with disabilities. Goodwill has collaborated with vocational training and provides job skills for individuals with disabilities so that they can be more independent. What another great lesson to teach.
4. And…I must admit, the hunt for the perfect treasure at a thrift store is quite fun :). I am addicted….

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