What Do Moms Need? An Apologia For Self-Care

by Becky on November 1, 2012

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Most moms I know have some system for what a good friend of mine calls “self-care.” For me, this involves stealing time to read occasionally. Sometimes I’ll go months without a book, then read several in a week, the fridge emptying, the laundry piling up, until I resurface and decide to attend to the regular business of my life. But afterwards!–I’m super charged! I feel like I could surf twenty-foot waves and leap tall buildings! Really–that’s what reading does for me. Once I’m back from a book (or two), I’m really back, as in fully present and good to go.

For some moms, self-care is a straightforward pedicure. For others, it’s getting dirt under their nails as they garden! Or it’s girl time enjoyed over salmon tacos at the local Mexican restaurant. Now I’m not suggesting we all boycott the obligations we very happily signed on for, check into five-star hotels, and use up the family savings indulging our whims.  I’m just talking about a moment or two, here and there, for authentic rejuvenation. Call me an “apologist” for self-care.

For me, a close second to reading is wandering into fragrance boutiques to check out lotions and potions. Not kidding! I almost never buy them. But I just LOVE beautiful scents of all kinds.  Moreover, I walk away from these little excursions smelling divine, which can take me a long ways.  You need directions to the local Jo Malone boutique?  Or Fresh?  Give me a call.

What is your system for self-care? How does it benefit you, and what are the dividends for your family once you’re “powered up”?

(We took the above photo in a boutique in Bamberg, Germany.  The bottles hold energy essences, not perfumes, though the scents are nevertheless lovely!)

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