Eleven O’Clock Road Trip: Taradell and Pruit

by Becky on November 30, 2012 · 2 comments

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Front view of church, artistic_9357

We started off the day in Taradell, a small town nestled in the Catalunyan countryside, about an hour north of Barcelona.

Silas in front of church_9328

The whole story was the church, which sat at the end of a small rambla lined with bare but dignified trees.  Wish I could have said what they were.  (If you can tell by the look of the trunks and branches, would you be kind enough to shoot me a comment?)

View of church_9326

Rose window of church_9331

We wandered around and around the church, hoping that someone inside would intuit that I waited without, and that the gorgeous old door would mysteriously open.

Tower with birds_9345

Becky ooking up_9335

Sigh.  On to Pruit, an old Romanesque church dating to the 1100’s, technically part of the town of Rupit, though secreted off on a lonely hill so verdant, even in the icy morning, you’d think you were in some 19th Century novel.


View of Church_9383

View of valley_9430

Door of church_9463

Facade of church_9462

The quiet was so thick you could almost taste it.  No cars, no jet path overhead, no birdsong, even.  Someone no doubt lives in the cottage attached to the old church, but if they were actually there and they found us annoying, you wouldn’t have known it.  I always find myself hoping that exclamations of delight translate well to the language of those who might be off in some corner, listening to us. If they saw Miss Lavender jumping, they did not come out and scold her for being happier than your average teenage girl on a school day.

Tessa jumping_9411

Tessa in air_9413

Indeed, we were left to ourselves. And so we did whatever we had the urge to do.

Tess on my lap_9472

Millay and me holding hands_9498

Tami December 6, 2012 at 10:36 am

The photos are amazing and I love seeing YOU in them. The prose equally delightful!

Becky December 14, 2012 at 2:18 pm

Thanks, dear girl. Miss you loads! Big, big hugs!

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