Eleven O’Clock Road Trip: Rupit

by Becky on December 3, 2012 · 2 comments

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Millay on old stone bridge_9766

From Pruit, we took off for Rupit, a town literally hewn into the hillsides. I felt like I was stepping into a Tolkien novel. All I needed was a proper cape and some (really good) movie make-up.

Rupit the town_9512

House below rock_9557

Looking down at falls_9588

Landscape and town_9632

Silas by wall_9619

Silas close up_9643

Old street on old stairs_9665

Silas running down path_9607

Winding road_9578

Four layers of tower_9719

Suspension bridge2_0035

Naturally the town’s suspension bridge gave the Eleven O’Clock Kids a round case of the sillies.

Suspension bridge3_0038

Suspension bridge_0034

Tessa on old street_9674

And Miss Lavender found the day quite fine indeed. (If a bit chilly.)

Tessa on old street2_9677

Tessa on old street4_9684

But what delighted me perhaps more than anything was seeing my camera-shy Zinnia Girl decide she wanted to make friends. (With the camera, of course!) Must have been the knit beret she wore, a legacy from my mother, who wore it to cover her bare head when she was fighting lung cancer years ago. Grandmother giving granddaughter a little nudge: “Let me see your pretty smile,” she might have been saying to her.

Millay by bridge_0203

Millay holding camera_9653

Millay close up by wall_9627

Did you see that, Grandma Lynn? Did you see that girl on the bridge?–the one to whom you were never properly introduced?

Millay up close_9716

And did you notice how, beyond the fact that she looks quite winning in your black beret, her eyes are unusually warm? Just like yours.

Millay in leaves_9789

Ohh, I sure hope so.

Karen December 4, 2012 at 9:09 am

Lovely again, Becky! Your writing has such a warmth to it. And I’ll say it again, but, my goodness how I long to step into your photos!

Hope you are now fully recovered, and having a wonderful day!

Becky December 5, 2012 at 5:43 am

Karen! Your comments keep me going! So delighted you’re enjoying the photos. In fact, were there no photos to prove we’d been to some of these places, I probably wouldn’t believe it myself. I loved seeing the photos of your Christmas adornments and preparations. I confess I find myself missing my “things” just a bit. I am thus baking. A lot. What I lack in decor I am making up for in batter. (Not sure it’s a healthy trade . . .)



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