Let’s Play Dress-Up With An Eleven O’Clock Girl!

by Becky on December 28, 2012

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Remember Miss Lavender? Well, in case you hadn’t noticed, she likes to dress up.

Clothes?–she loves them. If they’re vintage, so much the better. If she can sport them while playing to the camera on a nearby street in the Sagrada Familia District of Barcelona, brilliant.

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But if we assume she’s merely a clothes horse, we miss the point. For her, it’s about personal expression. And about combining the old with the new, the on-trend with the totally unexpected.

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Her outfit, for instance. The animal print blouse and the boots, snagged from my closet. The sweater, a consignment store find. The locket around her neck, a gift from the uber stylish Auntie Deb. The silver ring, a beautiful relic from my grandmother’s jewelry box.   The knit skirt, Anthropologie.  Most folks might not have thrown an ensemble like this together. But Miss Lavender puts it over for two reasons: 1) the combination pleased her, and 2) she delights in experimenting.

Whether vintage glasses will be in style a year from now will make no difference to her. These frames, which she grabbed from a vintage store in Vienna, Little Joe’s Gang, were fitted with prescription lenses. She’ll wear them until her prescription changes. And beyond.

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Tessa green bobby pin_3301

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Miss Lavender likes clothes with stories, recognizing that by choosing to inhabit an outfit a certain way, she likewise gets to craft her own narrative about who she wants to be. To that end, vintage opens up so many possibilities! You want to style yourself as a . . . librarian-gypsy?–your black, horn-rimmed glasses marking you as bookish while your wild colors add vibrancy and flair?

Tessa, finger in mailbox_3390

Then do it!

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