Torre de Saportella: How Bronte-esque!

by Becky on January 10, 2013

in Travel


Sometimes we stumble across such magnificent oldness, for lack of a better word! How can you not feel downright literary when you stare up at the crumbling walls of a once-spendid place, wondering if you saw Rochester (let’s say) ruminating in the garret or if your eyes deceived you. Naturally it would have had to be the Catalan version of Rochester, only slightly less dishy than the English one.



Goose wanders these old structures with his camera, his imagination running wild as he takes in the heights and depths, or the old stables, for example, where he can picture himself saddling up his horse and riding off into the mists.  Having run, climbed, explored, and photographed, he no longer has any need for hats, jackets, gloves, or anything else his overattentive mother insists he wear.

It’s a fine place, this countryside, for small people with big stories rolling around in their heads.


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