Three Kids In Europe, Three Reasons It Works

by Becky on January 21, 2013 · 2 comments

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Three things to love about being in Europe with three kids.


One. Sib-love. The “darlings,” (holding hands in the photo) in the Born neighborhood. My younger two kids log lots of time together. Set them down on a street: Goose hurdles whatever’s in his path, and Miss Zinnia claps and cheers him on. Europe is their relationship writ large. He’s the master of derring-do, she’s the appreciative audience, and Catalunya is the venue. Five years apart, these two would have been in totally separate orbits at home. Here in Spain, they’re in the same one.

Two. Passion-play. Miss Lavender, who loves design, bumps up against it all the time, especially in the old part of the city, where Barcelona’s retailers configure their store spaces in often unexpected ways. In Kling, for example, where we hit up a sale the other day, a small space becomes an opportunity for self expression when shoppers are invited to write messages with magnetic letters on one of the store’s walls. When you take an old building, with its fabulous old bones, and put it in collision with elements like glass, steel, repurposed wood and antiques, or even opportunities for play, you’ve got a great formula for showcasing your goods. Wandering Gotic and Born is like a mini design internship!

Kling, Tessa Lynn_5856

Three. Play-time. Sometimes, seems like you’ve gotta go somewhere else to remember how fun your siblings can be. A new playground means playtime feels new again. How about this old suspension bridge in Rupit, in the Catalunyan countryside? Yep. Works perfectly.

Suspension bridge3_0038

Karen January 21, 2013 at 9:07 pm

oooh, you’re killing me! 🙂 Praying that I can make this happen for my family someday! And by the way, last post…. perfection.

Becky January 21, 2013 at 11:48 pm

Hello friend! If you’re really serious about a move abroad, let’s talk sometime. We’re certainly learning the ropes. As I’m sure you can guess, some things are brilliant, some things are downright tough. In the meantime, I LOVED your post on organizing your armoire. I wish I had the gift of organization! Do you hire out? Besitos, one for each cheek, Spanish style!

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