On Being A Cub Scout Abroad: Goose Shows Us The Ropes

by Becky on February 12, 2013 · 2 comments

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Hallways of castle at Montjuic_7630

So Mr. Goose is a cub scout.  An earnest one.  The fact that there are no den meetings and pack meetings and field trips (and what not) here in Spain has been a source of (not a little) frustration.

So what do you do when you’re a cub and there’s no den?  You go be your own den.  (Yeah, okay, with your dad, sure.)

But seriously:  a cub scout could do worse than head up to Montjuic (pronounced Mont-joo-eek) to pass off requirements in his scout book.

Goose pathways at Montjuic_7482

Up through the old passageways of the castle.

Castle wall at Montjuic_7560

Out, to explore the battlements.

Goose and cannon at Montjuic_7466

And the machines of war.

Goose at Montjuic_7474

(Especially since they no longer work. But that’s your mother talking.)

Cannons at Montjuic_7505

The view’s not bad from up there, either.

View from Montjuic_7499

Pretty much a 360.

View from Montjuic_7563

And you’ve pretty much got it to yourself.

View from Montjuic_7635

Then on to the botanical gardens, to pass off some Naturalist requirements.

Jardi Botanic_7773

Yeah: pathways, plants, the basics. This’ll work for scouts.

Gardens at Montjuic_7660

Admit it. You don’t mind the pretty stuff. And wait: your big sister would love this!–Canary Island lavender!?

More lavender_7685

And there’s some wild, vine-y stuff, too. Makes you feel like you’re in the jungle.

Gardens at Montjuic_7765

Time to hike back down.

Art museum at Montjuic_7796

Past the art museum just down the way.

Museum through the trees_7832

(A cool place in its own right.)

Main art museum_7877

And rather grand, too.

National art museum_7880

Nice venue for another day, when you need to pass off requirements for Art.

National museum_7900

Phew! Time for a snack. How about you hit up the patisserie?

Pastries after scouts_7905


Biting into a pastry_7909

The new after-scouts treat.

Yum pastry_7914

Yeah, this field trip, it was legit.

RachelJL April 12, 2013 at 9:22 pm

So cute! I remember seeing French Boy Scouts in a parade in Perpignan. They were adorable in their beanies. I guess France is a little too far away to drive for pack meetings. 😉

Becky April 13, 2013 at 1:43 am

I would have LOVED to see those scouts in their French uniforms! And yeah, unfortunately, Perpignan is a couple hours farther away than we want to drive. (Darn it.) Luckily we brought the scouting book, so we can mount these little field trips on our own. Maybe I should suggest the beanie to Goose, so he’ll be properly ‘accoutred’ for scouts on the Continent?? xx

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