Getting To ‘Happy,’ Part One

by Becky on February 15, 2013 · 2 comments

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Sometimes you’re happy in the moment, and The Moment keeps on giving–even to people who didn’t directly participate in it but who get to witness it (over and over, if they want!).  Kind of like with the petals:  I wasn’t in the moment immortalized here in stop-action, but I get to replay it to my heart’s content, which cranks up my Happy.  They were feeling it; now I’m feeling it.

I love watching my kids find their Happy with friends who bring it out in them.

Somewhere I read that kids laugh, like, ten times as much as adults do. Every day. Maybe a surefire way to get our Happy on is to take a step back into kid-dom, in all its chaotic luster.

What I want to know is, who brings out your Happy? Who tickles your smile ’til it spreads from your mouth to your eyes? Who do you belly laugh with? Who makes you, when they announce they’re coming over, want to say YIPPEE!–?

One evening, years ago, I was laughing so hard with a friend, I finally couldn’t stand up straight anymore, and I actually stumbled and had to sit down on the floor. My kids still talk about how I looked to them that night, bent over laughing, struggling to breathe, the riff my friend and I were working on still going and going, its arc so hilariously endless it could have carried us along for another hour. I remember my kids smiling goofily the whole time, not understanding much but clearly delighted to see their mother laughing so hard she was ready to bust a vital body organ.

I suppose it takes the proper friend, someone who loves a good laugh and whose sense of humor braids nicely with ours. Even one of those comes along, and we’ve hit the mother lode. If we’re lucky enough to have more than one, then we are Rich In Happy!

So what’s the difference between Happy and Happiness? Stay tuned for Part Two.

Karen L February 19, 2013 at 1:43 pm

I love this series. So much to think about! I love nothing more than a good laugh. And I have the extreme good fortune to be married to a man who can make me laugh hard every day. I’m sure it’s the reason that I am not even crazier 🙂
When the kids laugh, my heart sings. It makes me bubbly/happy inside. And when they laugh together… even better!
My other favorite is laughing with my girlfriends. I am lucky enough to have a treasured group of friends who I get together with once a month and have done for years now. We cry, we talk, and oh, do we laugh! It’s the best therapy ever.

Becky February 19, 2013 at 4:11 pm

Karen, so well put!–my heart DOES sing when my kids laugh. Last summer, when we were traveling through Europe, my older two kids never. Stopped. Laughing. Seriously. It was hilarious. And so good for my soul. That’s what Miss Lavender misses most about her older brother–laughing with him. She swears he’s one of the funniest people she knows. You are indeed a lucky girl, with so much laughter in your life. Makes me smile to think about it. XX

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