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by Becky on March 15, 2013

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Friends.  You will be happy to know that I changed out of the men’s pajamas.  The Volcom pullover stayed, however (as pullovers often do).  The subject of the day was blogging about the business of raising older kids.  The refreshments, as you know, included chocolate.  I would happily have shared, had you all been here.

There’s my transition:  “had you all been here.”  That was the impulse that got me blogging–the urge to get moms of older kids conversing with each other about themes common to this Moment in our parenting–like friends sitting around a table while they talked and sipped something hot that also happened to be chocolate. (Wink.)  I knew I wanted to focus on the positive, hopefully without coming off as cloying.  And I knew I was going to talk some about my efforts to bring culture into my teens’ lives, since I’m a lover of books and music in particular and also a big fan of staging half a dozen garage sales, putting your entire life in storage, and moving to a country where no one speaks your native language but will nevertheless blithely kiss you on both cheeks immediately upon learning your name.

So here’s why I often blog about my older kids:  they’re interesting, sometimes complicated (though I don’t view that as an insult, not in the least), often funny, highly imaginative, and, not surprisingly, eager to hear as well as be heard.  I suspect they are not that different from your teens.  If I stumble across something that works–a tool that’s helped me–I’ll pass it along, as I hope you’ll do.  Particularly with issues of teens and self-identity, a theme I’m passionate about, I’m always on the lookout for tools to add to my kit.

So:  they’re around-the-table, accompanied-by-very-good-treats conversations, these blogs about teens–at least as I envision them.  Where Mothering-with-a-capital-M is a foregone conclusion, though there’s certainly not a single definition of what that looks like.  And where we can take up themes we all think about, a lot, in order to acquire new skills, which’ll help us, well, to love more successfully, I guess.

My, my.  Thinking this hard requires serious calories.  I believe I’m headed to the closet again.  (Another wink.  And a conspiratorial smile.)

(Photo taken at Els Encants, a few months ago.  By now, the hair color has changed, as hair color will do.  The dull shade of “Oops” I am sporting at the moment was one of those can’t-back-up collisions with a bottle of wrong, by l’Oreal.)

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