Dashing To Catch A Petal. Or, A New Eleven O’Clock Friend Arrives In Barcelona.

by Becky on April 1, 2013 · 2 comments

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Metro trip to airport_4122

This last Saturday, Miss Lavender and her Dad were on a mission: get to the airport to catch a petal.

World rushing by_4148

Miss Lavender knows the drill now: metro, to the train, to the shuttle, to the terminal, where an adored friend was coming through customs.

Tessa seeing Caitlin_4206

Hug in chair_4207

Nothing looks or feels quite like a friend from back home–in the flesh, naturally!

Can't believe it_4211

More hugs_4213

Sitting together_4210

When Miss Lavender’s friends travel to see her, I think about them as they’re flying. I knew exactly when Miss Tulip was getting on a plane in California, I knew when she landed in Dusseldorf, and I knew when her plane from Germany was meant to land in Barcelona. When another mother puts a daughter on a plane–a plane destined to carry her toward us–I feel like that daughter is, for the moment, a little bit mine.

Closer up on the escalator_4215

Miss Tulip seemed just the right flower fairy name for this Eleven O’Clock Friend–one of Miss Lavender’s MUN (Model United Nations) classmates from their high school back home. A little wisp of a thing, Miss Tulip is nevertheless one of those Super Smart Girls who nail their college boards and end up on purpose in classes like AP physics, for example.  She is quick, clever, droll. And lots of fun.

Riding up the escalator_4218

Something about seeing your daughter laugh, hard, with a friend.

Looking at each other_4261

Something about seeing them together, Miss Lavender and the beautiful Miss Tulip. Welcome!–and may your spring break in Spain be as brilliant as you are!

Tami Holmes April 1, 2013 at 3:59 pm

This puts a big smile on my face! No doubt they will have a brilliant time 🙂
Hugs and kisses my friend! xoxoxo

Becky April 2, 2013 at 12:31 am

Hello! It DOES put a smile on your face, watching your kids with their friends! (You know that as well as anyone!) Thank goodness for brillianat friends. Love you. xx

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