Going Belgian In Barcelona

by Becky on April 4, 2013 · 2 comments

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Tessa holding Habitania mag_1854

Miss Lavender, holding the latest issue of my favorite Spanish design magazine, Habitania, which features homes both small and grand from all over Europe. I’m rather infatuated with Belgian design at the moment. Remember when Restoration Hardware switched it up a while back?–going from their signature (somewhere close to) aqua walls to the new dark taupe-y color? And the newer pieces?–“deconstructed” sofas and chairs covered in neautral linens? Very Belgian.

More than once, Habitania has featured the work of Greet LeFèvre, a Belgian designer whose blog is a ton of fun. Check out her post on this Belgian loft, and noodle around on her site if you feel like it.  The post on Belgian kitchens makes me sigh.  And the post about the Habitania shoot features some gorgeous photos as well.  Have fun!  (And tell me whether you think Belgian style couldn’t be kid friendly.)

And just for giggles, hop over to the Restoration Hardware website for a look at their “Barcelona Flat.”

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Sarai Lambert April 4, 2013 at 10:03 pm

Sister Davidson! I adore your blog so very much. I should’ve commented before now, but I wasn’t sure what to say…I didn’t want to sound creepily devoted 🙂 The periwinkle Smeg fridge of the Belgian loft page is seriously swoon worthy. I’ve seen them before and want a home of my own just to have a place to put one. My family has actually been house hunting for maybe two months now, and seeing these, I think the old worldy Belgian style is right up the alley (sorry for the cliche) of what my mother is looking for! (No wonder our search still isn’t over 😉 ) Wishing your fam the absolute best! Much love.

Becky April 4, 2013 at 11:20 pm

Sarai. What an absolute delight to hear from you! And you’re such a writer! YOU could write this blog. Not kidding. I’ve already decided I’m roping you into a guest post on some–to quote you–swoon-worthy topic. And that fridge: you’re so right. Cool when you see an object of desire that makes you want the digs just so you can have the object, right? Happy house hunting! xx

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