Does Your Chocolate Box Need Filling?

by Becky on April 11, 2013

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Over by the Barcelona cathedral and about halfway down a narrow street sits a magical place called the Chocolat-Box, a boutique I would have liked to swallow whole. Could have swallowed whole, in fact. Have a look see.

Behind the counter_2961

Several Chocolat-Box shops dot Barcelona. Lucky for me, no? I can now seek chocolate therapy at various spots throughout the city, starting with truffles.

Hand dipped_2986

Two pieces_3022

And moving on to enrobed nuts. (Very therapeutic.)

Enrobed nuts_2949

Or going for the real calories: a truly religious experience involving generous amounts of chocolate spread on a hunk of baguette (which the nice ladies behind the counter were only too delighted to provide).

Chocolate spread_2946

Chocolate on bread_3156

Or is hot chocolate your therapy? How about the perfect spoon, which yields the perfect hot chocolate? (Take your pick.)

Hot chocolate spoons_2923

More hot chocolate spoons_2931

And have you heard of chocolate infused herbal teas??  Certain to put some zen in your day.


Olive oil? Mm-hmm.

Olive Oil_3161

Yep. It’s all here. Come hungry. Expect enlightenment. Leave a new person. (Promise.)

Sign out front_2908

Chocolat-Box, C/ Capellans, 2, Barcelona.

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