El Surfeador To Celebrate The Big Two-Oh! Four Things I Did To Put A Little Frosting On His Day

by Becky on April 18, 2013 · 4 comments

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So my oldest, affectionately nicknamed “El Surfeador,” will be twenty years old on Saturday.  20 on the 20th.  His golden birthday.  He’s at home, in the U.S., and we’re here, in Spain.  Here were a few things I did to help him start enjoying the epic Two-Oh, just two days away!  (Wow.)

One.  Maybe six weeks ago, I emailed all kinds of people who had been important to him, and I invited them to shoot him a card for his birthday.  A couple of weeks ago, I sent a reminder email.  My hope is that he’ll get somewhere in the neighborhood of twenty birthday cards.  A friend at home gave me the idea:  she invited friends to do the same thing when her daughter was turning eighteen last fall.  So exciting, that he’ll be receiving birthday wishes from all kinds of people who have meant the world to him!

Two.  My other three kids–Goose, Miss Zinnia, and Miss Lavender–sang him some birthday songs, and the Eleven O’Clock Dad filmed them.  The video went into an email attachment and then into the inbox of a new Acqaintance, Treat-maker, and Co-conspirator I happened to stumble across . . . who happens to live near my son.  (Funny, how those coincidences happen!)  When my son “happens” by her home on his birthday (there will be a pretext, of course), she and her husband will open the attachment for him so he can hear his siblings sing to him on His Day.  Surprise!

Three.  The package.  All this week, he is opening gifts we sent him in a birthday package–one a day:  things like antique peseta notes (Spanish bills), some dating to the 1920’s, that he can use for bookmarks; a #10 Lionel Messi wind-up action figure (with very sweet moves); two professional yo-yo’s, and other bits of utterly (un)Necessary Nonsense.

Four.  A couple of days ago, we all emailed him our own list of twenty things we love about him.  Goose’s was priceless.  Among his twenty to his older brother:  You’re awesome, You can kick a ball hard and far, You’re one energetic kid in a man’s body, and “I am happy you were born.”

I realized some of you may be far from children whose birthdays are coming up, and, being an inveterate Idea Thief myself, I thought you might want to steal a couple of these if they worked for you.  Or maybe you’ve sent your own Love to birthday kids who are far away?  I’d love to know!

(Photo:  The Kids, on the day El Surfeador reported to the missionary training center in Provo, Utah.  He began serving as a missionary for the Mormon church last August and will finish in August of 2014.)

Tami Holmes April 18, 2013 at 10:59 am

Oh how I LOVE this post, YOU, and yours! Delightful : ) xo

Becky April 19, 2013 at 1:08 am

Hope you know how much you and your fam have meant to my kids. We love you back. xx

Sage June 4, 2013 at 5:27 am

Wow! My son entered the MTC the same month! My son is serving in Long Beach, CA and he turns 20 this month.

At church I put out sheets of paper and asked ward members to write him a birthday wish.

Your ideas are great and I’ll be borrowing some!

A woman in my son’s ward (whose son is serving in the mission where I live) has invited me to send balloons with each family member’s face drawn on (help’s my husband is an artist) so he can feel like we are there!

I love the 20 things we love about him idea. Once I did 10 things for Christmas gift to each family member.

I love your blog! (Mine is sorely neglected).

Becky June 4, 2013 at 2:46 pm

Oh my goodness: LOVE the faces-on-balloons idea. Brilliant. Nothing’s happier than ramping up the smile of a missionary, honestly. Thanks for sharing your own ideas. I love nothing better than a good share-around.


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