Blue Shutters, Please

by Becky on April 25, 2013 · 2 comments

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Andorra to Carcassonne leg of tripIMG_1156

I’m rather taken with shutters. Which were everywhere in France. What’s more, they tempt you to imagine what’s on the inside of the windows they adorn. How easily I could picture myself in that–house!?–barn!? Whatever it was, I already had us unpacked, moved in, and hanging pictures on the (very) old walls. All thanks to those perennially charming shutters.

Once upon a time, I built my own ‘doll’ house out of boxes I salvaged from somewhere or other. Summer of my seventh grade year, I believe it was. And pretty quickly, I realized that the effort of ‘designing’ the rooms mattered far more to me than whether the glossy-eyed things meant to inhabit those rooms ever got to call the place Home. Dolls, schmolls.

If you’re the kind of gal who hangs onto her Architectural Digest mags for years; if you can fritter away hours thinking about how you’re going to reupholster some Piece With Potential you picked up at an estate sale; if you put yourself to sleep at night devising ways to afford blue stone to lay on the walkways of the patio/garden/’retreat’ you fantasize about building, then you are a Blue Shutter Sister.

Welcome to the club. And do come inside, where it’s cozy.

Karen L April 25, 2013 at 8:13 pm

I love these glimpses into your fun road trip!

What a great house! When I was younger, I would use my dad’s drafting stencils and draw floor plans for my dream homes. I would swipe page after page of his graph paper and spend hours making my plans.

and you should see my collection of magazines. i also have the slightest addiction to pinterest. it’s bordering on unhealthy. 😉

Becky April 26, 2013 at 1:22 am

Aren’t design magazines the best? My grandmother, an interior decorator, introduced me to them when I was probably Goose’s age. She brought me a big pile she’d been collecting for a while, and I quickly disappeared into them. Instant addiction. My Grammy wouldn’t let anyone call her a ‘designer’ because she didn’t have a degree in design, but man did she have a great eye and a healthy clientele. I remember asking her about one of the photos in one of the magazines: why, I wondered, would someone have put a particular piece of furniture on a black and white floor, of all things? She smiled knowingly and told me that you can put just about anything on a black and white floor. I swear that’s why, to this day, my eye always goes to black and white floors. I love them! xx

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