On Don Quixote And Bucket Lists

by Becky on May 24, 2013 · 2 comments

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Picking up and moving abroad seemed nothing if not Quixotic when we considered the idea last summer. “You’re doing what!?” wondered everyone.

But sometimes Quixotic is the perfect term for the act of crossing a stubbornly top-tier item off your ‘bucket’ list.  In other words, you just do it:  you get on your horse (so to speak) and start riding, trusting that what you’re meant to find, you’ll find.

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So our little trip to the scene of Don Quixote’s famous windmills felt a bit symbolic to me, a reminder that some life choices require a crazy kind of faith.

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Since Monday, we have been in Ubeda, Baeza, Jaen, Granada, Olvera, Cadiz, and now Sevilla. Had you asked me a year ago whether I would be swinging through the south of Spain on a road trip with my family, I might have laughed out loud. But then, a year ago, I didn’t know that Goose would fall in love with a small ceramic whistle in the shape of a bird–a ‘prenda’ that would be presented to him in Ubeda in the shop of a famous potter, by the famous potter himself.  And I didn’t know that the petals would spend the better part of an hour on the beach one night in Santa Maria, near Cadiz, insisting that the camera capture them doing their Martha Graham-esque dancing, backlighted by the setting sun.  Had I known these things–and others–I might have been quicker to sign on.

As we prepare to head for home this summer, I find myself thinking about the irrationality of what we’ve done.  But that’s what a bucket list is, isn’t it?–a collection of often irrational want-to-do’s constantly tempting you to just get out whatever pen or pencil is handiest and carefully, deliberately, draw a line through the item perched right there, at the very top . . . at which point you now have decided to flirt with an idea which, just a moment before, seemed laughably impossible.

Here’s to Quixotic quests.

Karen L May 24, 2013 at 10:41 pm

This post speaks to me. I am trying to summon the courage to mount up and start riding towards that dream. And working to get things to the point of possibility. Seeing that someone else managed it is a source of great inspiration.

And while I’ve enjoyed immensely being able to vicariously experience the life abroad, I do look forward to hearing about your “real life” back home. I’m sure it seems as surreal to be facing returning as it did when you first made your leap of faith to go.

Becky May 25, 2013 at 12:38 am

Karen: yes, going home does feel surreal! But as always, I’ve got a new Quixotic dream taking shape. We’ll see how long this one takes to make it to the top of the bucket. You’re a love! (And a beautiful writer, by the way.) xx

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