Why The Eleven O’Clock Mom Loves Vintage Style

by Becky on June 6, 2013

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Millay in Granada_0202

Back in the day: that is, back in my day, if I’d wanted to make my own hair accessories . . . I’m not sure that would have flown. But today, in contrast, a girl can a) find an old piece of lace at a street market, b) make a bow out of it, c) fasten her new “prenda” in her hair, and d) feel lovely for a whole day.

That. Is. Brilliant.

The ascendancy of vintage means that a girl can style herself almost any way she wants, especially if she has a bit of imagination and a pair of clever hands. So much more room for authentic self-definition.

And that. Is especially. Brilliant.

(Miss Zinnia’s bow courtesy of Miss Zinnia, naturally.)

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