Boy With A Yellow Balloon

by Becky on June 26, 2013

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Traveling with a Caboose.  Very tricky business.  My teenage daughters could walk the markets and streets of Provence all day.  But my nine-year-old son? Brutal.

Probably because of his aversion to being dragged to one charming French village after another, the universe is kind to him. He always manages to collide with something magical.  Sometimes just the right rock parks itself in his path, begging to be kicked around for thirty minutes or so.  Other times, the perfect stick catches his eye, and it’s love at first sight.  (Sticks make awesome pretend daggers and, moreover, can be used to write cryptic messages in the dirt.)  But last Saturday night’s bit of magic takes the cake.  On the ground in a small plaza in St. Remy, France, an untethered yellow balloon, suddenly abandoned by the baby who had been playing with it, became his!

Silas sees the balloon_5141

Clearly, the gods of Childhood Distractions had bequeathed him a gift.

Silas gets the balloon_5144

Silas whistling_5204

That balloon kept him busy all evening.

Silas ambling with balloon_5210

Silas happy with ballooon_5215

Silas walking along with balloon_5207

No other distractions came close.  Not the red bike with the nifty yellow market basket.

Silas by bike with the yellow binIMG_5291

Not the yellow tablecloth on the table outside the cafe, a place which might easily have distracted his mother.

Silas ignores yellow tablecloth_5397

Not even the Girl With The Yellow Skirt (though she was a close second).

Silas via Millay_5084

Silas via Millay 2_5087

Honestly, what could be better than instant liberation from an evening of aimless wandering with a Photo-crazy Dad and a Provence-crazy Trio (mom, teenage sisters)?

Silas starts kicking the balloon_5150

Because with your own Bit Of Yellow, you’re good for the night.

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