Greece’s Tiny Churches

by Becky on July 26, 2017

in Traditions, Travel

Agkali-16I’ve been awed and delighted by the very small churches that dot the Greek islands. Ms. D and I spent part of our Sunday doing our own quiet kind of worship, if you can call it that.Agkali-10The little churches we stepped into were empty, except for the occasional candle lit by the hand of someone who stayed just long enough to utter a silent blessing.Agkali-08Just big enough to seat a smallish family, Evia’s tiny churches remind you that sometimes it’s just you and God.Agkali-12And your traveling companion, of course.

Honestly, though. If there’s a space that feels precisely like the visible expression of my own heart when I worship, it’s a tiny church.Agkali-14Totally compact yet exquisitely fitted out with every necessary reminder that the Divine waits just beyond the door, a Tiny Church is my kind of place.Agkali-11

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