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A Little Churros & Chocolate, Anyone?

by Becky on March 18, 2013

in Food, Travel

Churros and chocolate_5562

The Eleven O’Clock Dad had hears about a chocolate and churros place of mythical proportions, in the San Andreu district.  Naturally, we go there. Good chocolate and churros are a tad bit trickier to find than you might think. It’s not the churros that prove challenging–virtually anyone can do those tastily. It’s the chocolate. It’s got to be the right consistency–thick but not pasty. And it’s got to have the right proportions of bitter to sweet.

A churro mustache: just right for the girl who values style as well as taste . . .

Tessa with churro mustache_5567

Mr. Eleven O’Clock weighs in. Um-hmm. Yep. It’s all working.

Aaron eating churros_5696

No one does good churros and chocolate like the Spaniards. Dip. Crunch. Proceed straight to heaven.

Napkin holder_5699

And don’t forget your napkin. (You’ve got a little, on the corner of your mouth. Just there . . .)

Also!  We’re road tripping tomorrow!–off to Valencia, down the coast.  I’ll see you here on Wednesday, con mucho gusto.


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