Girl By A Stream In Andorra

by Becky on April 24, 2013

in Parenting, Travel

Close-up of Tessa by stream_1119

As I edit the photos of our trips, I’m always struck by the changing faces of my children. Here, the fresh-faced Miss Lavender stares down the camera during our brief roadside stop on our way down the mountain in Andorra. The story is that we had parked for a few minutes, fascinated at the snow runoff that had turned everywhere to waterfalls.

Waterfall feeding into stream_1115

But, as often happens, the camera starts training itself on faces.

Tessa's profile by stream_1121

Leave it to a long drive in a tiny foreign country to re-teach me what I’ve always known about this child: she’s an old spirit in a young body. If you doubt me, have a look at those eyes.

If you have a child like this–one who’s technically been around a decade or two but seems somehow to have been around for a thousand years–then you know how wonderfully odd and oddly wonderful it is to parent him or her.  One minute, mine is talking about a pair of handmade shoes she spotted in the Born district in Barcelona; the next, she’s weighing in on the merits of being able to thinslice someone’s mood based on their facial expressions or body language.  Typical Teen/Highly Observant Adult.

I suspect I’ll always have affectionate feelings for that mountain and the way it drains the snow.  Had we not stopped to consider the phenomenon, I would not have had an opportunity to reconsider Miss L’s eyes or reflect on the way they afford the careful observer a glimpse of an ageless soul.

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View of the mountains_0997

Sometimes snow just wants to be thrown.

Alpine view_0998

And sometimes, the youngest among you feels the urge first. And bad.

Close-up of Goose_1070

Goose scooping up snow_1109

Goose hucking a snowball_1107

So you go with it.

Millie throwing snow up in the air_1078

Silas and Millay walking in snow_1099

Millay and Silas, walking_1047

And everyone ends up happy

Millay in snow_1066

Isn’t that the best?

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