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Wandering into the wildly colorful ceramics store-slash-workshop of renowned potter Tito Juan Pablo our first night in Úbeda, Spain, reminded me that when someone’s talent is as big as their imagination, the results feel almost dreamlike.  Formerly a winner of Spain’s Premio Nacional de Artesanía, or National Prize for Artisanal Achievement, this master craftsman is as prolific as he is visionary. In a snug corner of his shop, Tito sits and fashions the pots, bowls, vases, aceiteras, pitchers, candlesticks, and other wondrous things whose distinctive shapes bear his creative stamp.  Throwing pots since age seven, Tito claims he felt a potent sense of vocation and knew he had found his life’s work.  Take a peek at these pieces informed by his passion for the colors and patterns of southern Spain.

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Especially meaningful was walking the store with my two teenage daughters, both of whom nourish their own creative aspirations.  I loved watching their faces as they browsed the shelves and tables, the floors and the patios, amazed by what they saw.  Each girl chose a small signed piece:  Miss Lavender, a round, painted box and lid; and Miss Zinnia, a teacup and saucer.

Tito's oil lamp_7998

It’s quite something to collide with a Creator and his Work, especially in his own workshop.  Especially when he’ll give you a bit of his time as a reward for your sincere interest not only in what he makes, but why.

Alfarería Tito.  Plaza del Ayuntamiento, 12, Úbeda.

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