What’s Behind Door No. 1?

by Becky on October 15, 2012 · 1 comment

in Books, Travel

Aaron snapped these pictures of the doors of Badalona, a town north of here, and I can’t help but think that behind any one of them is some glorious parallel universe bristling with color and tension and odd & wonderful characters of all sorts.Badalona_Doors_2823

Coolest thing, no?–step across the threshold, and voila!


I keep asking my kids to collaborate with me on a middle grade novel.  They’ll create the characters, and we’ll write the story together.  I’ve invited them to think of a character who wants one thing more than anything else in the world.  And what is that One Thing?  And what obstacles prevent our Main Character from realizing her dream? (We’re into girl power.)  Through one of these curious doors she might go . . .

Which one do you like best?


More important:  behind which one does the best story wait?


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