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How Super Heroes Are Born In Bamboo Groves

by Becky on January 30, 2013

in Travel

Silas and bamboo grove_5328

You might think Super Heroes need special training camps. Not so. A child in the market for super hero practrice doesn’t need anything but a bamboo grove.

Silas in the bamboo_5332

Bamboo shoots offer three things to kids shopping for S.H. training facilities. First, they are virtually unbreakable and thus enable optimal stunt work/acrobatics. Second, they grow up in dense clusters–great for practicing stealth. Third, they help you look totally legit in photographs.

Silas in bamboo, upside down_5339

Not everyone needs to come to Spain to find a bamboo ‘gym.’ But everyone looking to polish their S.H. skills ought to google a nearby location. The workout is unparalleled.


(And with your big brother–and personal super hero–back in the states doing his own S.H. work, naturally it falls to you to pick up the slack. All the more reason to get your program on!)

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