A Dip in the Mediterranean? Anyone?

by Becky on October 13, 2012

in Fun, Travel

It’s odd to watch the sun rise from the ocean each morning.  Where we lived before, the sun rose from behind Saddleback Mountain in Southern California and sank into the sea in the late afternoons.  And now, a beach . . . to the east of us?!  Silas and Millie had to check this out!

Beach _1169

Great swimming buddies, these two.  Always have been.  Something about facing the waves together.


We’ll leave the ocean sunsets to the West Coast crowd for a while.  Without the sun to steal the afternoon show, it’s all about the swim team.  And the water.

Beach _1176

Do you have a favorite beach?  A special place you went with a swim buddy/sibling?  Do tell!

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