Eleven O’Clock Shenanigans In Plaza Catalunya

by Becky on February 14, 2013

in Fun, Travel


If one of the definitions of BFF is “A high-spirited someone with whom you can be endlessly silly,” then Miss Lavender and Miss Primrose certainly fit the bill.  Someday, years from now, they’ll look back at this immortal photo and think, “Ahh, Doppelganger Day! Good times!”

Cool, no?–when you and your many selves can get crazy with your friend and her many selves. Especially in a venue as perfect as Plaza Catalunya!

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Miss Lavender and Miss Primrose get busy in Plaza Catalunya. Can you read the word they spell out?

(Hint. Five letters. Name of a country.)

Side note.  Any child who tells you that fun cannot happen without electronic gadgetry has not yet tried Full Body Spelling.  Extra points if you try it with your kids.  Double points if you send me the photograph!

Photo wizardry, courtesy of Eleven O’Clock Dad.

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