So we picked up some cheap bikes.

And we go for rides, all five of us. And it’s nuts, because we’re trying to stay together, trying to navigate the fabulously narrow streets of the older part of the city, and trying (mostly me) not to send whole clusters of spectacularly unaware pedestrians to their deaths.

And we’re rolling through the courtyard of the very old and gorgeous branch of the public library in Raval, and a young woman who just walked past us a moment ago is suddenly on our heels, literally chasing us down, and wanting to talk to Tessa about her outfit.

Magnolia Kate_5644

So we all stop. And this lovely young Brit, name of Kate, all out of breath for having sprinted to catch up with us, proceeds to tell Tessa how absolutely fabulous her tunic is, and WHERE did we find it, and could she please, if it’s not too much of a bother, take a photo of it so she can, with some imagination and luck, create her own facsimile thereof?

Now my daughter knows a vintage sister when she meets one, so she happily hops off her bike, poses for a snapshot, then recites the history of the tunic, how we got it in Los Angeles, etcetera, and Kate (effusively grateful in a way that only a vintage devotee who has just collided with a great piece can be) affirms that she is going to make her own tunic, using the now-snapped photo as inspiration, a fact that causes Tessa to smile from ear to ear.

Naturally we had to snap our own photo of the lovely Kate posing with the equally lovely Tessa, the eyes of both fairly sparkling with kindred feeling.

Magnolia Kate_5643

How cool, right?–getting chased down by a girl from Oxford, England, who loves what you’re wearing so much she just has to tell you about it.  And getting your photo taken together so that she can recreate the article on her own, an effort which will no doubt keep the moment alive in her mind the entire time she sews!

Good luck, Kate (pictured here in blue)!  We love your posh accent, your winning smile, and, most of all, your need to stop Tessa so you could tell her just how much you loved the brocaded tunic with the long poet sleeves. May your project go just splendidly!

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