Yikes! I’m Being Blog Stalked!

by Becky on November 12, 2012

in Parenting


So I found out recently that a few of my older daughter’s friends read my blog.  Often.  The news came as a huge surprise.  Why would teenage girls get on my blog?  Well, one reason was obvious.  They’re hoping for pictures and news of their friend, something I often provide, though not necessarily with the goal of scrapbooking our life.  But the other reason, I think, is because they may feel a little bit like, when they see her, they’re with her.


I want to speak to that “with” theme for a moment.  (Are you listening, girls?)  Moms ache for their kids to have good friends.  I mean, it’s a physical ache sometimes.  We want them to connect with other young people who will inspire them to want to be their best selves, with all that implies.  In the friend department, this daughter of mine scored.  No, really.  She won the lottery.  Her friends (scooch a little closer so you can hear this, everyone) are highly intelligent, unfailingly kind, gut-bustingly funny, and totally loyal.  Laurel, Courtney, Emily, Brigitte, Caitlin, Bri, and the rest of the Edison crew:  you’re ah-mazing, all of you.  I love you like you’re mine!


And don’t give up on your girl. She may be here with us, but believe me, her little heart is so often with you.


Abrazos and besitos,

Eleven O’Clock Mom

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