Eleven O’Clock Road Trip: Cadaques

by Becky on December 5, 2012

in Travel

Cadaques view from above_0210

On the northeastern coast of Spain, along what’s known as Costa Brava, a small town waits to welcome the Eleven O’Clock Kids.  Cadaques might as well have been in Greece, with its doors in every hue of sea green, and its stairways leading up to the olive orchards on the hillsides, and its clusters of whitewashed cottages.

Aqua colored door_0236

Whitewashed stairs_0218

Portal to Cadaques2_0350

Silas on beach in Cadaques_0403

The wind was up, and we huddled together, trying to stay warm, and failing.

Group hug2_0270

Group hug_0267

But in the narrow streets, the girls found reasons to smile: Miss Lavender, because the photographer said “Please?”

Tess under canopy_0368

Tess on street with decorations_0359

Tess in street in Cadaques_0312

And Mr. Goose, because he got to ride on the back of an indulgent sibling.

Tessa and Silas in Cadaques_0291

And Miss Zinnia, because, in spite of the fact that braces are still around the corner, she has been persuaded that plenty of people find her smile just lovely.

Millay in street in Cadaques_0326

(That, and the fact that bougainvillea abounds in Cadaques.  Hooray for riotous purples on frigid winter days.)

As the sun went down, the boys collected “gratitude” rocks from among the thousands washed up along the beach.

gratitude rocks_0409

Just a little collection for the Eleven O’Clock Kid back home.

The sun went down. The wind picked up. The streetlamps came on.

Three yellow streetlamps_0365

And we got back on the road.

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