All week I’ve been freezing. And sneezing. Such a bore, being sick. So I decided to revisit our trip to Netherlands in early July. So much to love!–but I settled on five things.

One. Canals. And boats. And girls on boats.


Millay and Tess on boat_8705

Two. Bikes. Thousands and thousands, all over Amsterdam, to carry people to Important Things and Small Things.


Sometimes to the accompaniment of especially fine street music.

Musicians by canals_8335

Three. Thrifting in the Canal Streets. Episode was a favorite store.

Episode window_8667

Episode sweaters_8639

Episode dresses_8636

Four. Windmills.

Silas and Clave by windmills_8738



Five. Scrunching together in a place never meant for scrunching.

Eating apples in car_8632

In the car2_8631

Which tuckers some folks right out.

What thrifting does to Goose_8682

Sometimes summer looks lazily good from December, doesn’t it?

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