Who Takes A Swipe At A Wall? (Three Guesses)

by Becky on November 8, 2012

in Fun, Travel

Goose Cartoon_5666

I love to imagine the caption. “You touch my sisters, I touch your face!”

Mister Caboose (also known as Goose), my youngest, makes everything colorful. Like this morning, on the way to the panaderia that has the best croissants around (which is why I walk the four blocks), I realize he is humming Riu Riu Chiu. Then I realize he’s taken it up a key.  “That was a key change!” I say, admiring his musicianship.  “What?’ he says, shrugging off the compliment.  “That’s the way the song goes.”

We’re off to hike to an old monastery today, Montserrat. On near vertical surfaces, Goose is in his element.


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