Christmas music


Every year around this time, I go into this strange, pre-Christmas “state,” feeling like if I don’t light everything up–I mean really light it up in a spectacular way–then I’m not doing my job.  And of course it takes its toll.  I ricochet wildly from errand to errand, wondering if I got my teeth brushed before I drove off, my skirt/coat/seatbelt flapping against the outside of the car as I motor along because when I shut the car door, I didn’t get myself properly tucked in.  The kitchen looks apocalyptic.  (Mountains of) gifts need wrapping.  I head off to a child’s classroom party and realize I forgot a gift for the teacher.

This year, in contrast, I am far from everything and thus have managed to avoid The Crazy. Feeling mighty “chill,” is what I am, and it is a sensation so odd and so out of character for a woman whose middle name is Stress Hound, I may need therapy to get a better angle on it.

So. Listen. If you are now fast approaching burnout, quick!–do these three things.

One.  Click on this playlist.  Both classic and jazzy, it’ll put some swing back in your step.  At the very least, it’ll pull the corner of your smile up a bit.

Two.  Repeat this mantra to yourself:  I need not be the Hostess With The Mostest.  (You may have to breathe into a paper bag for a while before you can get the words out.)

Three.  Tonight, before you go to bed, make yourself some hot honey lemonade.  Here’s how.  Add the juice of one lemon to one cup hot water (I heat mine in a saucepan).  Stir in one teaspoon honey, adding more if your mood/night/life need extra sweetening.  I use rosemary honey–divine.  This treat is so perfectly restorative, it brings me back to myself every time.

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