Christmas tree


With so many bloggers staging and photographing amazing DIY’s, it’s easy for a woman who’s better with words than projects to feel like maybe her blogging resume, if you will, is lacking a little something, you know? I could practically hear my detractors saying, “Yeah, nice content, but where are the DIY’s!?”–like I’m a pageant contestant who’s strong on personality but weak in the swimsuit area, if you know what I mean.

Then a rather novel idea struck me. No one’s covering the low end of the DIY market, where the projects are so easy they might otherwise be considered forgettable. And I thought, I can do that! I’ll leave the super sophisticated stuff to Design Sponge and carve out a whole new niche for myself: the REDIY, or Ridiculously Easy DIY.

Knowing I needed some Christmas tree decorations, I decided to get cracking. Ater a trip to Els Encants, our favorite local street market, I came back with 4 meters of red ribbon that looks like silk but isn’t. Check. I then made sure I had sufficient quantities of basic white printer paper and some scissors. Check, and check.

We set to work making paper snowflakes–some large, which we folded for a cool 3D effect. (Fold the four sides up. Attach with tape. Done.) Those we threaded with ribbon and tied onto the tree. And for the smaller snowflakes, the “2D-ers”: we simply slid those right onto the branches.

Snowflake design took my younger kids the better part of two whole evenings. It was brilliant. I’m rather chagrined to confess that they’ve never before been so involved in dressing our tree. (I think you can guess the reason for that.)


Oh. And the tree! It came from the Christmas market down by the cathedral. It’s a small Douglas Fir, in its own pot, with its own very nice dirt.

All done. Just like that.

You know those red buttons from Staples?–the ones that say “easy” in big, white, lower case letters, and you can thump it with the heel of your hand and feel like you just accomplished Something Big? That’s the RE-DIY. Hit the button! Tree done! Kids happy! Mom happy! Voila!

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