Halloween, Yes, But Let’s Talk Kokua

by Becky on October 31, 2012

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Costumes aside for a moment, can we talk about feet? And about the grave importance for girlfolk of having access to shoes that make our feet (and our eyes, and our mood) happy? Handmade here in Barcelona(!), Kokua shoes just make the Eleven O’Clock girls want to sing.

Move over, Dorothy. Your ruby slippers are so last century.


Who needs a costume when you can dress up for real??

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Street Performers_5713

Down on the Ramblas, in the old part of town, street performers and artists abound. Last Saturday, we collided with some of the Halloween sort. The spectacle particularly impressed our youngest (the caboose!), who often goes by the nickname Goose. I was honestly blown away by the imagination and effort that went into these costumes and the absolute stillness their display demanded. Some of these guys–though there was a woman or two in the mix–seemed hardly to be breathing. And all of them woould remain completely still until you put a centavo or two in their bucket. Then, totally in character, they would spring to life, dazzling the crowd, then falling silent again. Quite a show, and highly entertaining to our nine-year-old, who, as he wants to be an inventor, really liked the tableau of Thomas Edison.

Street Performers_5708

Street Performers_5707
But the Devil was impressive, too. His eyes . . . freaky! You’ve never seen anything like this! I was half afraid he was going to spirit Goose away to some Halloween netherworld and turn him into a Boy Devil.

The Devil_5697

Oh, wait! He’s already a boy devil. (Wink wink.) Happy Halloween!

The Devil_5698


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