Eleven O’Clock

Beauty Before Cool in Raval

by Becky on October 16, 2012

in Fun, Travel

The graffiti artists in Barcelona’a Raval district know what to do with a little paint, it’s true.  A stroll through the area makes that obvious.  But paint is nothing to fresh faces and blue eyes, both hallmarks of the Eleven O’Clock Girls.  Notice, if you will, how the girl I call my Zinnia (below) looks so alive she could be real!  Seems like she could step right out of the painting, doesn’t it?–like she’s three dimensional!  (Wink wink.)


And notice the girl in the (quasi) meditative pose.  The graffiti sunburst:  nice.  But the girl:  a burst of juicy sunshine.  Listen, graffiti guys.  What you really need in order to highlight your handiwork consistently is some Eleven O’Clock embellishment.  Then you’re ready for prime time.


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