Tessa in brown dress_2937

Item:  one brown dress with white polka dots, probably homemade (all the better), too big, but oozing potential.  Original location:  an oddly groovy secondhand store in Orange, California.  Mission:  to create a thoroughly unique flamenco impression meant to be styled by a very tall teenage girl, name of Miss Lavender.  Craftswoman and miracle worker:  Maria Jesus, tailor extraordinaire and gentlewoman, and so pleasant I wanted to pick out curtains with her after all the measuring and chatting was over.

Getting measured_2940

Result:  a simple piece, sheath-like, to the knees, with peppy white dots and faaaabulous flamenco sleeves, now proudly hanging in the closet of a certain teen I know.

Final pinning_2948

Gettng fitted_2939

Moral: thrift often, look for the stuff others might scoff at, and use your imagination.  Note to self:  there must be a Maria Jesus back home.  (All that remains is to find her!)

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So You Think You Can Dance . . .

by Becky on June 10, 2013 · 3 comments

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Shoes from Seville_3227

I’m not sure there’s anything happier than flamenco shoes . . . for kids!  At this store in Seville, you can get a pair in every color of the rainbow!–red orange yellow green blue indigo violet.

“Roy G. Biv.”  (Remember the acronym??)

So:  get dancing!


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Barcelona Moves!

by Becky on February 11, 2013 · 2 comments

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Wanna see how things move here? Do you dare press ‘play’? (Only if you can keep up!)

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