Millay in vintage_7956

No mother wants her daughter to become a Daisy Buchanan.  Let’s just get that out there.

Millay, Gatsby-esque_7957

But when Miss Zinnia ended up looking like a Daisy, well, that was a different story.

Millay on terrace_7969

Gatsby-esque is a perfectly acceptable look for a girl experimenting with finger wave curls and revisiting a party dress unearthed from Shareen Vintage, the legendary vintage store in Los Angeles, California.

Millay as Daisy_7951

Sure, it took a thousand bobby pins. And sure, half a can of hair spray.

Millay in vintage_7943

And a touch of make-up, too–that was a given.

Millay, Gatsby_7955

But oh my!

Millay in Shareen vintage_7938

Barcelona never looked as vintage as it did yesterday, from our terrace, when it played background to Miss Zinnia’s Daisy-fied foreground. A girl’s gotta be able to dress up once in a while, right?

(Sidebar: Someday, when her braces come off, remind me to keep her away from men with wandering eyes and old money.)

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