Gocce di Latte

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I wandered into Gocce di Latte’s little store in the Plaza de Palau the way I walk into every gelateria: eager to see which flavors I’ll find, since they always differ a little from place to place. Would they have Crema Catalunya? Llet Merengada? A good limon? Gelato aficionados know that a visit to a new place is a little bit like Christmas. (Or Reyes, if you’re here in Catalunya!) That is, you could be about to wake up to something really special.

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So it was with considerable enthusiasm that I first tried the Stracciatella–just a straight cream flavor, with bits of dark chocolate folded in. Moment of silence, please, as I remember the experience with the reverence it deserves.

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Rita and Matteo, the owners of Gocce di Latte, take great pride in making everything right on the premises of their small shop. Novios as well as impresarios, they love each other as much as they love the gelato; maybe that explains the vibe in their place.

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Each of them from a different city along the Mediterranean coast of Italy, these two have food in their blood. When they decided to open a gelateria together in Barcelona–a city they wanted very much to move to–they knew they had to pull out all the stops. After all, gelaterias abound in the Born district, where their two stores are located.

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They needn’t have worried. The authentically artisanal processes they use, combined with their exclusive recipes, result in a treat so rich and fresh and truly fantastic, you can understand how people might fritter away their paychecks, returning again and again for the Pistachio (out of this world), the banana chocolate, or just the Stracciatella, a flavor for which I now have an irrationally crazy passion. Even the way Rita prepares a scoop of gelato is inspiring: she digs out a ball, massages it carefully for a few seconds with her paddle, then finally loads it onto a cone or into a cup.

spreading the chocolate_9454

Yesterday marked the first anniversary of Gocce di Latte. I’m not kidding when I say I wanted to throw a party, which would of course have given me an excuse to go after an additional serving or two–you know, to show my devotion to the couple and their enterprise.

The Gocce di Latte sign_9408

I mean, that’s what true aficionados do, isn’t it?–practice the art of fandom? How am I to become a devotee of the first order if I don’t–you know–continue to sample away? . . .

Find their main shop at Plaza de Palau 4, or their gluten-free shop on Espaseria, 14.   I’ll meet you there.

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