Love the breezy smile?  She makes it look easy.


Don’t be fooled, though.  Behind that smile was a girl so desperate for a haircut she’d have done something criminal with a pair of scissors just to hasten the process.  But what do you do when The Trusted Stylist is back in Cali?

You take a chance on a charming woman named Lola, who did in fact cut and style Miss Lavender’s hair with such effortless brilliance you’d think we landed just a few doors down from her salon in Barcelona on purpose, that it was the fault of our happy stars and not just an accident. (Lola is now my friend.)

And look! New hair. New girl. New smile. Not that the old one wasn’t working. Not at all. Just that, from a mother’s perspective, the new smile’s fresh.



(Did I say Lola was my new friend?)

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