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Friends! For several weeks I’ve been thinking about gift possibilities for teens. Seems like when my kids were little, they were so easily made happy! Legos. Pollies. Books. A trampoline. But with bigger kids, it’s a little trickier, isn’t it? I’ve narrowed my ideas down to eight and included them here for you to take a look at. (One requires some serious budget, but I was in love, so I had to include it among the items that made the cut.) I particularly admire two of the companies whose products I featured. You’ll see which ones I mean. I just love the idea of being nice and doing good at the same time. But most of all, I think the Eleven O’Clock Goods have that je ne sais quoi–that ineffable something that’ll make one of them a good fit for the teen in your life.

BTW: this is not a sponsored post. This is simply me doing a little curating and a little sharing with other Eleven O’Clock Moms. Have fun!

  • Buckyballs. Do you know a teenage male who needs an (extraordinarily) absorbing outlet? If so, then these (crazily) addictive magnetic balls are screaming his name!
  • Lomography. from Lomography, dedicated to analogue photography. Everything old is new again, including these fabulous 110 cameras, For the teen photographer/purist in your life, this is the ticket.
  • 31 Bits. Crafted from recycled paper, these pieces are deftly beaded by Ugandan women seeking to reinvent their lives through their jewelry making.
  • Be Hive Style. State scents!? Naturally I chose California, my home state. I love that the fragrances incorporate notes a native (like me!) would resonate to.
  • Freedom Footbags THE ultimate footbagger's footbag. Made in the USA. For guys (or girls!) with fancy feet and serious coordination, this is the ultimate stay-busy-for-hours gift.
  • Public Bikes. Function. Beauty. Public. The ultimate set of get-around-town wheels. If you've got serious budget, this is a serious gift.
  • Krochet Kids International. Warm up. Look good. Do good. Better yet, do all three. Ugandan-based Krochet Kids International is serious fashion with an equally serious mission. "Buy a hat, change a life," is their motto.
  • Vaho Trashion Bags. Repurposed street posters from downtown Barcelona become satchels in this totally fresh incarnation of "trashion." Colorful, sturdy, and super hip.

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