The Poblet Monastery, a UNESCO world heritage site, is what you might call A Place of Serious Historical Importance.

Tessa with leaves1_8002

This girl, standing outside the walls of the monstery and ready to toss a handful of yellow leaves to the winds, is what you might call A Young Woman of Serious Historical Importance (if for no other reason than that her smile looks rather fetching in a conspiratorial way). Which of the two things do you imagine is more likely to prompt me to say, “Oh my!”

Tessa with leaves2_8005

Tessa with leaves3_8006

Tessa with leaves4_8007

Tessa with leaves5_8008

Tessa with leaves6_8009

Tessa with leaves7_8010

Tessa with leaves8_8012

I bet you’re right.

Spring Leaves

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