Lourdes, France: Quicksketch

by Becky on June 12, 2013

in Travel

Peeking through the stone_3365

Take a peek at Lourdes, France, in the French Pyrenees.

View of the city_3307

Climbing vines in Lourdes_3340

City of Lourdes_3405

Miillay and Goose in stairwell_3319

And another peek at Miss Zinnia and the indefatigable Goose, tucked away in the tower of the chateau-fort up on the hill.

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Andorra to Carcassonne_1166

When we head back to the U.S. this summer, I will miss the castles. There may be nothing quite so European as the castles that dot the continent. And when you tour one that’s been maintained or restored, or just hike around in one that long ago surrendered to the elements, there’s something extra cool about knowing the dates it was begun. 11th Century. 12th Century. I mean–right?!  Exploring places with the patina of so much age messes with my brain in the most extraordinary way: I stand inside walls mortared centuries ago, and I realize how short my life is. And how small I am in the scheme of things.

But enough philosophizing.

Sure, I have my favorites. I adored Lleida, in Catalunya, an hour and a half west of Barcelona. And I recently acquired a new favorite: the château fort in Lourdes, France, in the lush midlands of the Pyrenees.  But favorites aside for the moment, here’s another reason I love castles. When I was young, I used to want to live in one–you know, to be the Maiden of the Castle, so I could parade around in jewels and brocaded gowns and all that ish. But now? I’d decorate castles!–be the Official Designer, as it were.  (Since we’re fantasizing.)  Ohh the textiles! the grand furniture! the unlimited supply of sweet breads and beignets and other very naughty French pastries that would necessarily be written into my contract!

(Admit it: in your fairytale world, you’d sign on too, if you could!)

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