Mardi Gras

Carnival Thursday_8417

It’s time for Carnaval! Back home, you know it as Mardi Gras. Here, they’re celebrating all weekend, and Barcelona is alive with riotous fun. Last night, the city kicked things off in the Born District. Follow along with the Eleven O’Clock Kids, including Miss Primrose, our newest import, as we check out the parade, the costumes, the lights, the colors–all of it!

Carnival Thursday_8406

Carnival Thursday_8413

Carnival Thursday_8420

Carnival Thursday_8423

Carnival Thursday_8428

Carnival Thursday_8401

Carnival Thursday_8431

Carnival Thursday_8403

Carnival Thursday_8408

Carnival Thursday_8416

Carnival Thursday_8430

Carnival Thursday_8458

Carnival Thursday_8448

Carnival Thursday_8437

Yep. Definitely a technicolor event! Even the flowers in the Born neighborhood knew to bump up their color. (Or maybe they were blushing for the benefit of Miss Lavender and Miss Primrose?)

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