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Eleven O’Clock Road Trip: Cervera

by Becky on January 7, 2013 · 4 comments

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Disneyland has nothing on Cervera.  (Well, maybe really good popcorn.)  Yet another medieval town, Cervera boasts an almost totally intact fortress wall.  In fact, the place feels like a time warp portal, like if you stood in just the right spot during a solstice, let’s say, when the moon lines up with Venus (is that possible?), you’d end up in the Cervera of the 1300’s.  Now, whether a woman would want to undertake such a thing given the fact that there were no epidurals, decent pedicurists, or fish tacos done Baja style remains to be seen.  Me, I’ll settle for pretending:  it lets me do some fine imagining while at the same time counting on the fact that when I get back to Barcelona, I’ll have running water, Spotify, and linens with a decent thread count.  I sound like a snob; I’m not, I promise.  I just don’t want to haul my own water, be without Bill Evans, or sleep on/in something scratchy.  And I’ll take on any man who tries to convince me that a preference for creature comforts is a sign of moral weakness.

Any guesses about who loved this place best?




Or why he might have?

Side note. That very day, inspired by the possibility that insane battles had been fought in this very part of the world by Tolkien-like heros against Tolkien-like bad guys, Goose found a fabulous stick, one meant to be a dagger. He has been whittling away at it steadily now with a pocket knife for a good few days. There’s a splendid weapon inside that stick; he just needs to liberate it.





Me, I liked it all: stone streets, a church at least eight hundred years old, views that make you wonder whether you couldn’t just sit for a year or two and gaze until you’d had your fill.





Daughters, too, are nice to gaze at, and as lovely as the Catalunyan countryside. (Maybe more.)

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