Miss Tulip


Miss Lavender and Miss Tulip.  Just a bit of (splendid) nonsense.  Which will make you smile. Especially if it’s been a while since you played like this with a friend. Todo les parece divertido, no? Perhaps you ought to grab a friend you play well with and proceed immediately to your local park.

I happen to have a best friend in town at the moment.  (We play extraordinarily well together.)  We did not make it to the Parc d’Horta, but we did do some rather impressive wandering yesterday, down through Plaza Catalunya, into La Iglesia Santa Anna, out into Barrio Gotíc, then through Plaza Jaume, into the Born neighborhood, doubling back to catch the Palau de Música, then catching the metro for home.  Of particular interest to us was the Llet Merengada gelato at my favorite place in Born.  Llet merengada:  merengued milk, glazed with fresh-ground nutmeg powder.  It was, well, more than satisfactory.

Today it’s Park Güell. (!)  Plus, the sun is out.  So thank you, weather gods.  By the way, I have tentatively named my friend Miss Celandine.  (Technically, she would of course be a Madame Celandine, but she doeesn’t look a day past ‘Miss.’)


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More spinning_7142

Museums. You might think of them as Highly Serious Places. Not Miss Tulip and Miss Lavander.


They think of museums as places in which to spin (as well as consider the Serious Historical Importance of relics from the area, yes, of course).

Tessa spinning Caitlin_7141

You know, don’t you, that you can be both a Serious Museum Goer and also a bit of a child–in equal proportions, if you feel like it?

Levitating again_7256

Of course you do.


So the question becomes this: is it the beauty of a particular spot in a museum that causes something to bubble up from inside you?

By the railing_7389

Or does what’s inside you make the spot special?

Tessa spinning, Caitlin leaning_7393

Sitting on railing_7354

Sitting on the railing_7410

Sitting together_7413

Either way, a trip to a museum takes on Greater Personal Significance when one of your favorite petals is by your side.

Looking out the window_7120

Standing together_7494

That’s just the way it is.

(Miss Tulip: just so you know, the local museums–and most other places as well–will not be the same without you!)

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