Goose on escalator_7865

Sometimes, Mr. Goose needs to do something besides sightsee.

So we changed it up a little, and over the weekend, he and I took in a musical performance: “Ma, Me, Mi . . . Mozart!” at L’Auditori de Barcelona.

Ohhh! I’m a Mozart lover, so this show–made for children by people who obviously know and love them–was pure magic. Six musicians–five men on a (dizzying) variety of instruments, and one woman with a lovely, classically trained voice–bring Mozart’s music to life in ways that are colorful, clever, theatrical, and totally engaging.

Goose was enchanted. So was I. And he now knows that what he recognizes as “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” is 1) an old French melody later arranged for piano by Mozart, and 2) a song the Catalans have their own words to!

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