New Year’s

Revving Up For New Year’s In Barcelona!

by Becky on December 31, 2012

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Entrance to market_4254

My husband and I stepped out today, eager to see what was going on in the city.  Naturally, we started at the famous Boqueria, the enormous market downtown, off the Rambla Catalunya. I needed a couple of things and thought I’d stock up.

Crowds at Boqueria3_4227

Everyone else in Barcelona thought the same thing!

People at entrance_4267

Crowds at Boqueria_4215

So much fun to people watch. And to listen to the languages. I heard Catalan, Spanish, German, English (several different accents!), Italian, French, and other languages whose origins I couldn’t place.

So continental to shop, then sit with family and friends for a bite during merienda.

Folks at sit-down tables_4273

Crowds at Boqueria 2_4220

After a little refreshment, it’s back to the offerings at the market. Shell fish sound good to anyone?

Shell fish_4282

A salad to go with?


Or how about some fruit?


A little something smooth while you shop?


Or flavors meant to add zing?

Hanging peppers_4248

Don’t forget the heat!

Hanging chiles_4247

Or the yum.



Then off to walk the narrow streets of Gotic to see what’s up. I love this tradition: “Good wishes.” On the trees outside the shops, friends and patrons leave notes with wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year. Beautiful, isn’t it?



You’re going to be good in 2013, aren’t you? Don’t lie!


You say your stomach’s growling again? Tapas! Does the trick every time!

Tapas bar_4301

Stay tuned for more New Year’s fun!

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