Plaza Real

View from the street_4475

Eleven o’clock pm, New Year’s Eve, in the Plaza Real.

Dining in Plaza Real_4480

And on The Rambla, where the crowds migrate toward Plaza Catalunya.

Streets at midnight_4489

High up in the clock tower, the bells sound.  On the stroke of twelve, a cheer goes up.

The clock towerIMG_4500

Clock tower_4506

Hello 2013!

New Year's Moon_4450

And hello New Year’s Moon!

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My husband, the Eleven O’Clock Dad, is different from me in every imaginable way.  It was an opposites attract thing from day one.  Tomatoes, to-mah-toes, you know?  But at the end of the day, we recommit.  Always.

This couple, on their balcony, in the Plaza Real, each of them with a book! 

Couple in Plaza Real_5781

May this be us in our mature years, when our balcony summons. I can see it: my husband with one of his business books, and me with my Neruda poetry. And the afternoon is lovely.

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