Sagrada Familia

Clave finishes dribble castle_8598

Last Sunday evening’s foray into what I’ll call Gaudi’s Dream made me realize: the famous Catalan Modernist architect and my son, El Surfeador, have a few things in common. One, they both made things that prompted me to go Wow. Two, obviously, neither of them was feeling the Legos anymore. Three, they both understood this Crucial Truth: if you build it, they will come.

Dribble masterpiece_8602

Four, they both knew that while the act of building something is cool, the art of dribbling it is divine.

(Photos: El Surfeador, on a stretch of beach near Amsterdam, Netherlands.)

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Sagrada Familia: A Sunday Evening Dream

by Becky on February 25, 2013

in Design, Travel


Last night my husband and I had the opportunity to attend a special event at the Sagrada Familia Basilica.

I hadn’t yet been inside.  Breathtaking. Truly. As in, you almost cannot breathe for the sheer wildness of the interior. Say a giant kaleidescope crashed into the Snow Queen’s palace.  There you have it.

Architecturally, the interior almost defies understanding, the stone work so painstakingly wrought that you wonder how, outside of someone’s dream (Gaudi’s, of course), human minds and hands ever had the patience to really execute it.  Have you seen photographs of Antoni Gaudi’s famous architectural achievement?–of the way, from a distance, it appears to be a monstrous dribble castle made of sand?

They’re still working on it. It’s projected to be finished in about forty years.

If I’m still around, I’m coming back.

(Actually, I’m going back next month.  With the Eleven O’Clock Kids.  Who need to step into this dream before we leave Spain!)

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Barcelona Throws A Party For Its Patroness

by Becky on October 12, 2012

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The week we moved into our apartment, the city was revving up for the party of the year: La Fiesta de la Mercè, the patron saint of Barcelona. And wow. Four days of music, street entertainment, light shows projected onto the facade of the Sagrada Familia cathedral, fireworks that would make the nightly show at Disneyland look like a slapdash backyard job, and of course the famous parade of Los Gigantes (giant festival characters). This city knows how to throw a party.


Making friends with the sun in the Plaza Catalunya.


Mr. Super Scary Monster, loving the parade of gigantes down Las Ramblas.  Below:  his doppelganger, the Equally Scary Monster.




Along with hundreds of other eager listeners, we sat on the ground in front of the Plaza de la Catedral for this (free!) concert by the Barcelona Symphony.  It’s now official:  Eleven O’ Clock Mom and Co. really like festival days in Spain.  May the next one please come soon!

Want to join in for the 2013 fun?  Check out the lineup for next year.


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